a unique light, first of a family of objects and light  to come which are done with natural material and  pure silk.

The process is based on shapes designed and made by our artisans and the weaving of silkworms around the forms completing a design.

More will follow soon….



Tinted massive oak, brass structure and pure silk.

H75cm xD27cm

MESH(I))_01_DAN YEFFET_2017_SERICYNE_web.jpg
MESH(I))_03.1_DAN YEFFET_2017_SERICYNE_web.jpg
MESH(I))_04_DAN YEFFET_2017_SERICYNE_web.jpg
MESH(I))_06_DAN YEFFET_2017_SERICYNE_web.jpg
MESH(I))_07_DAN YEFFET_2017_SERICYNE_web.jpg